Kaboom Industries – “Creating the world of tomorrow, today…when you need it yesterday.”

In the future, tonight, next week or a thousand years from today, the robots take over. They run our lives right now. When the power goes out, our first thought is not being able to use the TV or WiFi Computer robots. On that fateful day, the power went out and the robots took over. With incinerating laser beams, shot from their evil eyes, except the cute little wind-up robots who just spewed poison gas, and a show that drew in humans so they were all home when the take-over began. No one could have suspected, “So, You Think You Can Die?” was a trap.

The robots, declaring themselves our Most Benevolent Giant Robot Overlords, saw the advantage of leaving some humans alive and functioning to rebuild society in the vision of the Most Benevolent Giant Robot Overlords. Although all other design, writing, branding and marketing studios and agencies were incinerated, KABOOM INDUSTRIES was formed by the top remaining creatives to serve all the human needs for creativity.

Led by noted designer and writer, Kaboom Schneider, your product or package, brochure, logo and branded marketing will get “WOW! factor.” Just look at the samples of what can be done with imagination and design.

Despite our fun little brand and our love of laughing and having fun with our clients, the experience brought to the table, not only by myself, but also the talented designers, ¬†illustrators, web designers, developers and programmers I draw together to create a specialized team for each assignment, will create you not only a solution that will blow you away, but also create buzz. Creating buzz is important to us. You get free advertising when people talk, tweet or post your message. Using cross-platform marketing for your brand is the only way to go. We’ll take you there.¬†Contact us to discuss your needs.

How we do business.

There are no surprises down the road. We cover the assignment with a creative brief and mutual agreement on all terms from your property/brand. We track hours, materials and update you on a regular basis. Our experience and history with the largest corporate clients, down to one-person operations make us very easy to work with and you will treasure the humor and relationship building we have with each client.

Kaboom Schneider

Manager of Human/Robot relations Workflow – Design Division.

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